October 28th, 2005

HP "Fiasco" quote


Okay, this is a general call for help directed to all the computer-savvy people on my flist.

For about a month now I've been having problems when I print hard copies of LJ entries.  In its most basic form, the shaded LiveJournal header repeats on each page of a multipage printout.  The first few lines of any text (including comments) appearing on page 2 and subsequent pages appears superimposed on the blue (if printed out on a colour printer) or grey header bar, and is difficult to read.  Previously, the LJ header only appeared on the first page of a multipage printout.

A second problem concerns printouts made from LJs which have coloured backgrounds and coloured text as part of their layout (i.e., anything other than the default black text on a white background).  In this situation, the background and text colours print as they appear in the LJ, and the result may or may not be readable.  For example, if I print out a post from alinewrites' LJ, I get a page that's a solid dark charcoal background (with narrow white margins on all four sides), and the post itself and any comments are in white text.  It's legible, but uses up a lot of toner.  As a second, example, the story "Fate Makes a Man" by blackchaps appears on my computer screen as medium blue text on a slightly paler blue background.  When I send a page of the story to the black and white printer, I get a medium grey background with the text appearing as barely distinguishable (and completely unreadable) marks only a bit darker than the background.  If the page is sent to the colour printer, I get blue text on a deep violet background, and while technically it's legible, you can't read more than a page or two without developing eyestrain.

The LJ Support Team couldn't offer me any help, so I'm hoping one of you might be able to.  Now, to cover all the bases, this is just what's happening with my work computer and printers.  I haven't had a chance to see whether printouts from a public computer at the library or at Kinko's will come out the same way.  In any case, those aren't really good solutions for me, as Kinko's charges for computer use and copies, and the library (which I can only get to occasionally on the weekends) has a 40-page per day printout limit.

So, ideas anyone?  Oh, and in case this matters, here at work we're running Windows XP with Internet Explorer as the browser.