July 20th, 2005

Swan rampant

LJ Friends Meme

Since hardly anyone seems to be around today to talk to, I'm reduced to doing memes as a break from work.  This one's from tobyfan:

Copy your friends list. Bold the ones you've met in person, underline the ones you've talked to on the phone and do nothing to the people you interact with only online.


adrianabr, alinewrites, ardent_muses, babycakesin, callmerizzo, castalie, ccoralacid, cesperanza, cheights, crazybutsound, desert_rifka, doctorevel, dsudis, fanfromfla, french_hobbit, geneticallydead, greedy_dancer, j_amanda, looneyluna, luci_2, luvmax1, maaaaa, maddiec24, maggie33, magickslash, maverick4oz, mes_yeux, morgared, msdaccxx, noblerot, oz_magi, pelops_kouros, pride_of_erin, rileyc, rosesfade, rosybug, rustler, tobyfan, zosia_z


There are a couple of "alter ego" ljs listed that I could have also underlined/bolded ....

Okay, that killed 15 minutes or so. Back to work now. *sigh*

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