June 23rd, 2005

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Fic recs

crazybutsound asked her flist for story recs (she has a long transatlantic flight ahead of her, and what better way to pass the time than reading slash?).  So, here are three Due South suggestions:

cesperanza's "Scrabble" (Fraser/RayK):  http://www.trickster.org/speranza/Scrabblesp.html

dsudis's "Hawks and Hands" (AU; Fraser/RayK):  http://www.dira.ficlaundering.com/ds/hockey/index.html

katallison's "The End of the Road" and the follow-up "Solstice" (post-CotW; Fraser/RayK):  http://www.katallison.com/eotr_main.html; http://www.katallison.com/solstice.html

Now, each one of these stories lets the reader see the Fraser/RayK friendship deepening and changing into something more than friendship.  We're there for that first, tentative, butterflies-in-the-stomach, heart-in-the-mouth kiss between them, and we're there for the physical passion that follows.

"Scrabble" is written as parallel stories; one column Ray's POV, the other Fraser's, and scanning back and forth across the columns lets the reader see each incident simultaneously from the two POVs.  Fraser is the tortured soul in this story, and it's Ray (with a little help from Fraser's father) who finally helps him put Victoria behind him once and for all.

"Hawks and Hands" was the second DS fic I read (thank you again, alinewrites); it's a long, long, long AU set in the world of professional hockey, with Fraser and RayK starting as teammates and growing into something more.  The hardest thing about this story for me is Dief's part in it; anyone who cries easily might not want to read this fic in public.

"Scrabble" and "Hawks and Hands" both ultimately have happy endings.  "The End of the Road," on the other hand, is likely to break your heart (it did mine).  This isn't a post-CotW story where Fraser and Ray live happily ever after, either in Canada or in Chicago.  They want "happily ever after", they try desperately to make it work, but, like in real life, good intentions just aren't enough.  "Solstice" is a coda of sorts; we're given the chance to eavesdrop on Fraser's thoughts, and while the pain isn't as raw as it was in "End of the Road," it's just as deeply-felt.  Another fic that demands a box of tissues be kept nearby.

Ummm, Jem?  Maybe you'd better leave all but "Scrabble" at home (or hope for an empty row of seats on the plane).

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