June 7th, 2005

Swan rampant

A couple of memes

LJ is getting just like my RL work -- backlogs and deliverables everywhere.  No time for both, so I guess I should start buying lottery tickets again so I can quit my job, retire in style, buy a computer, and spend my days doing the important things (read "LJ things" here.)  *g*

So ... first, the "5 fandoms" meme (because desert_rifka asked me to):

1.  Total number of fandoms I like:  3 definite (4 if I can count Manna's "The Administration" here); one more that I'm just dipping my toes into (it has to do with math *winks at Mouse*); one final one that's being held out to me like a shiny apple (see this post's icon)

2.  My first fandom ever:  Oz

3.  My most recent fandom:  dueSouth (or "The Administration")

4.  Five fandoms that mean a lot to me:  Oz, Lost, dueSouth, ("The Administration")

5.  Tag 5 people to put this in their journal:  alinewrites,  ccoralacid,maggie33,  morgared,  msdaccxx


And then ... the "5 songs" meme (because alinewrites and  crazybutsound asked nicely):

Five favourite songs (ask me this on a different day, and you might get different answers):

  • "Because The Night"  --  Patti Smith Group
  • "Cassé"  --  Nolwenn Leroy
  • "Hallelujah"  --  Jeff Buckley
  • "Lost At Sea"  --  Eisley
  • "Shape Of My Heart"  --  Sting

I'm tagging:  msdaccxx (I foresee total paralysis setting in as you try to choose), catheights,  callmeri,  j_amanda,  rileyc

Apologies if you've already done this and I missed the post ....

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