April 13th, 2005

Swan rampant

The book meme, revisited

I didn't think I'd made it so hard.  :-(

Everyone's honest; no one went out and googled the answer to one of the books.  :-0

Here are some clues if anyone still wants to guess.

(1)  Book 1 (Rooter) quote:  Second volume of a four-volume science fiction work.  Contains a pronunciation guide for Portuguese names.

(2)  Book 2 (Pyle) quote:  The recent film version of the novel saw an Oscar nomination for one of the leads.

(3)  Book 4 (Dolphin) quote:  The Circus.

(4)  Book 5 (Bunny) quote:  A first novel by a 28-year-old author.  Fans waited ten years for the next book.

The post with the quotes is here:


(Don't know why I can't link without showing the whole address ...)

Going to lunch now.  Back later to do "Monster Mash" lyrics.


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