February 14th, 2005

Swan rampant

Hearts and flowers

Just wanted to wish everyone a

Happy Valentine's Day

If you don't get flowers from anyone today, go out and buy them for yourself tomorrow!



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Swan rampant

"Oz" and "Lost"

Well, the weekend didn't go quite as first planned.  After Saturday's post from the library and a two-hour stop at Barnes & Noble, I walked back home, where RL suddenly threw a spanner in the Oz works.  I ended up not getting back to the DVDs until Sunday, and even then couldn't get through the remaining eight episodes.  I have two episodes left to go, plus the deleted scenes; hopefully I'll be able to get to them tonight.

I'm an emotional dishrag at the moment, and will have to wait until I can write more coherently before I try to set down my thoughts about Season 4.  All I'll say right now is that I never cry over TV shows (movies are an entirely different story), but the tears were flowing freely during a few episodes here (and I'm sure everyone knows which ones).  Chloe, who watched the show with me (curled up and purring on my lap), couldn't figure out why drops of water kept landing on her head ...

In other news, yesterday's Los Angeles Times had a very long article on Lost.  I'm posting the entire piece behind a cut tag for those who are interested.  This is a copy and past job, and you may see a couple of bits of formatting that weren't apparent in my source document, but for some reason turn up when it's pasted.  Just ignore them.

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