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Hunger Games Revisited

The reason I did my previous "Who likes 'The Hunger Games'" post was because this Chicago company is offering Hunger Games-themed chocolates. Sadly, wonderful as their chocolates are (they have a store in Beverly Hills, so I can stock up on goodies any time I like), their international shipping rates are prohibitively expensive because of the way food items have to be sent. (Fou, if I'd been thinking properly, I could just have slipped a couple of the candy bars into my suitcase, the assumption being that I'd see you while I was in London. Sorry!)

Well, even if you have no Effie, Katniss, or President Snow chocolate bars to munch on, I definitely recommend going to see the film. I haven't read the books, so I had the pleasure of being unspoiled when I saw it Saturday evening. Clearly part of the ending was a given, but part of it left me going "Oh!" in surprise. I foresee a second viewing in the very near future. :-)

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