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Apologies and Thanks

People, work has been the day from hell, so I've only been out to read in alinewrites and crazybutsounds' ljs (and only because they told me to.)  So, if I should have responded to anything from anyone else, hopefully I can do it on Monday (assuming that's not day from hell, part 2).  In the meantime, everyone should go read the last chapter of Aline's "My Life As A Foreign Country".  She gave me (and more importantly, Chris and Toby) a happy ending.  :-) 

greedy_dancer ?  After your comments about the card, I went home and looked in the box you'd sent the Tim Tams in.  Sure enough, it was there, wedged into the top of the box, with the silver colour blending in so you wouldn't notice it.  I'll be eating the rest of the Tim Tams in the proper fashion, lol!  (And I haven't tried the spicy ones yet, but am betting I'll love them; there's a candy company called Vosges that makes a chocolate bar I adore called "Aztec Fire" -- spices, chiles, and chocolate.)

Thanks to babycakesin and morgared for your e-mails.

And thanks to desert_rifka, who's gone short of sleep this week on my account.  I won't forget it.</span>

alinewrites ?  No Post Office today.  Hopefully on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


Apr. 10th, 2005 06:58 am (UTC)
ahh, i'm glad to know the card didn't get lost in the Pacific, after all the trouble i went to, drawing on a corner of the counter in the Post Office! lol

you can now be welcomes to the club of chocolate-smeared-tea-stained-Tshirt-wearing TimTam eaters! serioulsy. it's so good but you have to deserve it, apparently. *g*

and i do believe i didn't wish you a very very happy birthday! shame on me! so here are my wishes of much slashiness and chocolatey goodness for this new year! *mwah*!!