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Okay, cue the spooky music now

Hey, msdaccxx ?  You there?  *waves*

When working short-staffed at the library finally loses its appeal, you ought to go and set up shop as a fortune teller.  Twice now you've mentioned something to me in a comment, and lo and behold, a few days or weeks later it turns up in a mainstream publication.  So, under separate cover, I'm sending you copies of a Financial Times column about chav (for American readers who, like me, had no idea what this word meant, the columnist says the U.S. equivalent is "trailer trash") and an Entertainment Weekly piece on the recent South by Southwest music fest which makes mention of that Welsh group you knew I'd never heard of and their hit tune "Your Mother's Got a Penis".

Come autumn, don't be surprised if baseball fans on your flist start asking you who's going to win the World Series!



Apr. 1st, 2005 06:18 pm (UTC)
I also do long-distance hexing in Irish. I used to do it to the US Smallville fans all the time anf they would have terrible cornflake-related accidents or the cat would get croup or (most usually) the show would be cancelled for local basketball or VCRs would fail or whatever. Amamteur voodoo too, like drawing moustaches on pictures of Kate Moss on the offchance that she might actually grow one. Fear me!