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Mail Delivery!

*waves to crazybutsound *

Your package was sitting outside my front door when I got home Saturday afternoon after going hither and yon all morning running errands.  It didn't appear to have been opened, and there was nothing to indicate that any of the contents had been removed (you had me worried after what you'd told me about prior experiences).  So.  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE GOODIES!  I kept picking up the little tiger-with-the-Lyon-button keychain and going "Awwww".  (Seriously, people, I can't tell you how cute he is.)  I'm going to see my sister in a couple of weeks and will show him to her; I know she's going to want to steal him ....  Love all the other toys, especially the Le petit prince items, and no, I didn't know the author was from your part of the country.  The photos ... well, if you ever think about changing careers I could suggest a new one for you ;-).  "Sunleaves" ... *kisses fingertips*.

I haven't had a chance to play the CDs yet, but I did look at the artist list on the French music CD and didn't recognize a single name apart from Vanessa Paradis (and I only know her name because of her relationship with Johnny Depp).  Chloe and I will be listening to that CD (and taking notes for my next trip to Virgin) after dinner this evening, along with the Libertines CDs.  I was up early this morning -- 4:00 a.m. -- and thought about playing one of the Libs CDs then, but wasn't sure how the neighbours would react (I'm in a condominium and share common walls; the soundproofing is good, but since I wasn't sure how loud these guys are, I decided not to risk it *g*).

Oh, and just so you know ... the package took nine days to get here (it was postmarked 3/17).  That probably tells me how much time I need to allow for things going to your part of the world.  :-)

Again, merci bcp!!!!!


And on a totally unrelated subject, Michael Jackson is now saying that the child molestation charges against him are racially motivated, and he's literally comparing himself to Dr. Martin Luther King and to Nelson Mandela in terms of the "persecution" he's suffering.  Made me want to throw something when I heard him going on about this on the news this morning.  :-(


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