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I'm leaving, on a jet plane...

Actually, it's more than one jet plane. :-) A week from tomorrow (Nov. 7th), I'm flying to Las Vegas to attend a banking conference; back home to L.A. the evening of the 10th. The next day (the 11th) is a holiday (Veterans' Day in the U.S., Remembrance Day elsewhere), and I'll be wearing the red poppy I bought in Canada three years ago while I do laundry and chores and ... pack the big suitcase this time, for another trip. Friday, Nov. 12th, at 4:00 p.m., I'll be sitting back in my Air New Zealand seat waiting for the plane to taxi down the runway and take off for London Heathrow! From there, it's on to Oxford, where I'll settle in for three lovely weeks of vacation! *throws hands up in the air and dances around the room, dodging all the piles of books on the floor*

Am I ready for either one of these trips? Is my apartment tidy? Am I caught up with work projects, or even better, ahead of schedule? Foolish questions! The answers, in order, are No, No, No, and No yet again. Should I be panicking? Yes. Am I? No. Will I be in full panic mode when I return to the office after a month away and am dropped right into my busiest time of the year? Oh, lord, yes indeedy! But, as someone once said (you all know who), "Tomorrow is another day." I'll deal with all of it then and not worry about it now.

So. I'm going to be in Oxford for three weeks visiting dominiquelechic and giving her excuses to play instead of attend lectures and work diligently on her essays. The long-interrupted 2008 Scotland trip diary might even be finished and posted during my stay. (Yes, I can hear some of you saying "Be still, my heart!", but I'm just going to ignore that. ;-p) The new Harry Potter film will be opening while I'm wandering around Christ Church, and how perfect is that timing? There will be walking tours and shopping (including food shopping, as I'm renting an apartment instead of staying in a hotel, so will be able to cook!). There will be day trips to London for museum-going.

Now, since I've never been to England at all (just flew over it on the way to Scotland), but lots of you have, I'm throwing this post open for suggestions on the subject of "must-do / must-see". Things requiring automobiles are out, but anywhere accessible by public transportation is an option. I'm really thinking mostly of day trips, but an overnight trip or two might also be doable. As for London sightseeing, what are your favourite things? There have already been votes for the Tate Modern and the Harrod's Food Court. :-)


suzycat: msdaccxx isn't likely to see this post unless you point it out to her, but if she has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. :-)


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Nov. 14th, 2010 05:43 pm (UTC)
Fou, sorry for keeping you hanging! I was still in Las Vegas when you posted this; and then there was all the craziness of finishing up with the conference, getting home, and turning right around for the Oxford trip. My body still isn't sure when it's supposed to be hungry. Air New Zealand fed us dinner at 6:30 L.A. time, then we had breakfast at midnight L.A. time. That made a lot more sense once I set my watch eight hours ahead....

Tavi and I have no definite plans as yet, so if fate does put you in the vicinity, give us a shout and we can all put our heads together and see what makes sense. Aren't you lucky that a certain former prime minister's birthday is today, which of course would have been much too short notice to have for you join Tavi and me for a celebratory dinner. ;-)