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My friend Sarah's cat Harley, who's met (and been petted by) lark_about, jenni_snake, and crazybutsound, and who's wished many of you "Happy Birthday, Damnit" wearing the sparkly sequined party hat that Sarah made for her, was put to sleep this afternoon. She'd been having problems with her kidneys for several years, but had been doing well with subcutaneous injections of fluids every other day. About a week ago, though, her kidneys began shutting down. She wasn't eating, and even daily doses of fluids didn't help. She was at the animal emergency hospital from last night, but Sarah wasn't given much hope when she took her in, and when she went to see her this afternoon, it was clear that the time had come to say goodbye. Sarah made the decision she had to make.

I've babysat Harley at Christmas ever since Sarah first adopted her as a rather quiet "I don't want to be picked up and held" four- or five-year-old from the shelter. But in the ten years that she lived with Sarah, she turned into a sweetheart who couldn't decide which she like better -- curling up in your lap to be petted, or sitting on the back of your chair licking your hair. Most evenings you got a little of both.

She's going to be missed, but remembered with a lot of love.

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