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The CDs

Just a quick post because I don't have a lot to say, and because I really have to do some work today.

A question first, though.  Anybody find LJ isn't notifying you when comments to your posts, or comments to your comments, are made?  This has just started happening to me, and I don't know if it's because my Inbox is so full that it won't accept any new messages (but work-related e-mails are getting delivered just fine), or if the problem is on LJ's end.  In any case, if you've commented in the last couple of days to anything of mine and are surprised I haven't replied, it's probably because I don't know your comment is out there.  Sorry!

Okay, now to the CDs.  The other day I told crazybutsound that I'd spent a lot of money on CDs (the fault of a rainy Saturday that kept me close to home -- at the library and at the local Barnes & Noble bookstore).  She wanted to know what I'd bought, so here's a list of the music categories and artists:

  • Classical Vocal:  Anonymous 4
  • Country:  Tim McGraw
  • Folk:  Damien Rice
  • International:  The Rough Guide to the Music of Canada
  • Jazz:  Pat Metheny Group
  • Pop/Rock:  Tim Buckley, Kansas, Annie Lennox, Los Lonely Boys, Sarah McLachlan, Rufus Wainright, The Who

I have to give the kid who rang up the purchase points for not even batting an eye at this rather ... eclectic ... pile of CDs that was plunked down on the counter in front of him.  *g*



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