Karen (aswanargent) wrote,

*showers you with thanks*

THANKS! to my flist for:

All the birthday wishes sent via email, cards, or LJ, and

All the shinies on my profile page, and

The Birthday Band and their snazzy rendition of "Happy Birthday" (loved it, Maggie!), and

The new addition to my collection of bracelets (Andi, it's going to be perfect for summer :-)) )

You're all better at remembering than my coworkers (who had the advantage of a wall calendar that shows the birthdays of everyone in the department, but still were a day late with their "Happy Birthday!" greetings, lol; my boss gets a pass because he was on vacation, but as for the other three ... *taps foot and looks stern*).

Right now I'm just trying not to think about which birthday this was....

And a puppy on top of everything else! Thanks, ximeria!

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