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Movies again

Films by Akira Kurosawa and Jacques Audiard on consecutive days adds up to a very satisfying movie-going weekend. Ran, well, if you like Kurosawa at all you've seen it, and if you don't and haven't, more's the pity. (But then tastes differ, and I'll admit to having zero interest in seeing Avatar, so if feudal Japan isn't your thing, I do understand. :-) ) Today was Un Prophète, which was simply astonishing. I don't watch awards shows, so I have no idea how it fared in the Oscar race, but it would have had my vote. (I also think it was much better than any of the Best Picture nominees I saw.) castalie, it did win nine Césars, and it deserved every one of them. Oz fans, check it out if you have the chance.

Alice in Wonderland. *sigh* I've about decided to give it a pass. The Financial Times reviewer gave it one star (out of a possible five), and talked about how the story has been turned into a battle between good and evil à la Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, and now I can't look at the print ads showing Alice wearing armour without having her morph into Eowyn (even the hair is right) or Queen Susan. (She also reminds me of Joan of Arc.) I like my stories kept true to the original vision of the author (don't get me started on what opera directors are doing these days), but every once in a while something comes along that's so different that it stands on its own (case in point, the Syfy Channel's Alice miniseries that was broadcast last year; all the traditional pieces are there, but they've been put together to create something completely new).

(Message for Tavi: Baby llamas?!? Oh, that's perfect, and Silvio much appreciates knowing that such a thing is out there for purchase. He's contemplating sending enough to start a small herd. ;-) )

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