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*considers sleeping with the lights on tonight*

That's the state tonight's Lost episode has brought me to. Creepy, chilling episode that had me on the edge of my seat the entire hour.

Seeing Sayid back in Season One "let's push sharpened slivers of bamboo under Sawyer's fingernails" mode was seriously disturbing, and in a very different way than when he was simply working as a hitman for Ben. And speaking of Sawyer, where was he tonight? What happened to him after he and Not!Locke walked out of the cave at the end of last week's episode? Also, was I the only one who was mentally pleading with Kate to stay right where she was at the end of tonight's show? Watching her decide to (or at least appear to decide to) tag along with Claire and Not!Locke and the group that left the temple reminded me of old cartoons showing a missionary accepting the invitation of a cannibal family to join them for dinner.... Particularly since she had happily told Claire that she'd taken Aaron off the island and had been raising him for the past three years, and we saw last week just how well Claire reacted to that idea when she heard it from Jin.... As for Jack and Hurley, thank goodness for Hurley, who's never been one to over-analyse things despite his obsession with the numbers (and wouldn't it have spooked him to see what Sawyer saw in the cave?). Hurley was told he needed to go somewhere and to take Jack with him, and he just did it without worrying too much about the "why?". If it had been Jack who'd received the message, he would have still been at the temple thinking about it when ... well, when everything that happened tonight happened.

Oh! Found out why Claire wasn't in the show last season. Apparently the actress was off making a movie. :-)

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