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Office Move, Part 4

I spoke too soon when I posted last Friday that I'd survived the move.  It's madness.  Nothing works, from storage shelves that aren't tall enough to hold the 50 or so large 3-ring binders that are presently stacked up on the floor around my desk, to computer firewall issues that now deny me access to things that I could do in the other building.  If we had windows that opened, I'd be thinking about jumping right about now (I'm on the 22nd floor).  But, really, I couldn't even do that, since it would mean I'd never find out what's going to happen to Chris and Toby ....  So maybe I'll just crawl under my desk and hide out for a while.

25 days and counting, Aline.  It's all that's keeping me sane!

I seriously miss my music.  A requiem mass would do just fine today.


Mar. 15th, 2005 10:05 am (UTC)
Well, you haven't steered me wrong on a story yet, so yes, I'll print it out today.

Re the package: it's just something little, but I hope you'll enjoy it. I'm actually sending the Easter Bunny hopping to a few places in France this year *g*