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Never coming to a theatre near you

On the news this morning, the radio announcer was talking about box office results for some new films after their opening weekend.

What she said: "Harry Potter and The Hangover had impressive weekend results, earning...."

What I heard: "Harry Potter and the Hangover had impressive weekend results, earning...."

I can see it now. HPatH will be marketed as a "daring remake" of the 1945 film The Lost Weekend. That earlier film, starring Ray Milland, put the lead character's alcoholism down to "personal frustration and ... general doubts about his identity". Now, though, when we dare to call a spade a spade, the filmmakers will be able to go back to the source novel by Charles R. Jackson, and give us the true reason for that alcoholic binge -- the "accusation that he [the lead character] had an affair with one of his buddies while in college." Clearly all that slashing of Harry and Draco wasn't just the overactive imaginations of a few fanfic writers! :-D

I'm not making The Lost Weekend quotes up, btw. The Wiki article is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Lost_Weekend_(film)

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