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Office Move, Part 3

*waves at flist*

I finished the last of the packing at about 5:00 pm yesterday, even as the movers were already taking things down to their trucks.  I was supposed to pick up my photo ID badge for the new building first thing this morning, but the guy was running late and security wouldn't let me past the lobby, so after about fifteen minutes I gave up and went downstairs to Starbuck's for coffee.  Thought I might as well relax before the really FUN part of any move (the unpacking) got started.  Ultimately got the badge and came upstairs to find all the boxes delivered safely (I have 30) and the IS guys busy hooking up the computers.  They finally finished doing their thing and left, and then there was nothing for it but to start unpacking and trying to figure out where to put things.  This is going to be a S...L...O...W process.

The one thing that's glaringly different between this floor and our old home is the silence.  Think "silent as the grave" or "so silent you could hear a pin drop".  That's what it's like over here, and it's very odd.  Even phone conversations appear to be conducted in whispers.  I can't wait to see how my boss (who's been up in northern California this week) is going to adjust when he has his first day of work here on Monday.  He's the sort who thinks nothing of conducting a conversation with his assistant while he's sitting at his desk in his office and she's sitting at her desk 20 feet away (and they're not speaking on the phone).  So, it should be interesting.

Whoops.  Spoke too soon.  All of a sudden it's getting a little louder in here.  There's a three-person conference going on in an office nearby, and it hasn't occurred to anyone to shut the door.  We aren't quite at the stage where I'd shut my office door so I could concentrate (a moot point here since I don't have an office door at all), but we're getting there.  And now someone two cubicles over seems to be violating the no-eating-at-your-desk rule with a bag of potato chips.  (On our walking tour of the floor this morning we were told that when the floor first opened they tried to forbid the drinking of coffee or tea at one's desk, but had to scrap that less-than-brilliant idea when the employees staged a mini-revolt.)  So it's good to know that just as soon as I find the box that has my coffee mug in it I can have something to drink.  Or maybe I'll just go down to Starbuck's again ....

Anyway, just wanted to say I'm here and seem to have survived the move.  I'm going to have to get a portable CD player and headphones this weekend, though, and keep them at the office.  I really miss being able to listen to music.  :-(


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