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Those cheekbones...

I spent two hours this afternoon sitting less than ten feet from James Marsters, who was reading the part of Jack for L. A. Theatre Works's in-performance live recording of "The Importance of Being Earnest" (the latest in their "The Play's the Thing" series). I dare say I wasn't the only woman in the audience willing to kill to have cheekbones like his....

Thanks to a certain someone on my flist who's been feeding me "Torchwood" Captain Jack/Captain John snippets (that "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" YouTube clip, and the fic that was based on it), I kept expecting Marsters to suddenly drop the Oscar Wilde lines in favour of saying things like "Bikini Cop!" *headdesk*

You can find out more about L.A. Theatre Works here: http://www.latw.org/about/about.aspx
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