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The Bridge

castalie's post about seeing a man jump from the Choisy bridge into the Seine reminded me that I still haven't watched the DVD of a film called The Bridge. It's a documentary about jumpers and the Golden Gate Bridge; the New York Times reviewer describes the film as "an eerie and indelible documentary about suicide [which] juxtaposes transcendent beauty and personal tragedy as starkly as any film I can recall".

I'm guessing there's no more than one person on my flist who might have seen it, and I'm not even sure about that individual. *looks questioningly toward Chicago*


ETA: The painting mentioned in the review ("Landscape with the Fall of Icarus") can be found here. The second paragraph tells you where to look for Icarus (I was incorrectly looking for him in the sky), and if you enlarge the image of the painting you'll see him.

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