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Just your average Friday ;-)

There was a fair amount of excitement chez moi today. Woke up this morning to find a cheery notification from LiveJournal telling me someone had defriended me. Went out to Facebook to move in the four Wordscraper games I had going with Tavi, and saw that the same person had dropped me as a friend there. Was a little surprised by both actions, but hey, stuff happens as Dick Cheney would say, and there are no hard feelings.

I'd arranged to work from home today, as a number of May Day immigration marches were planned for downtown, which we'd been warned would snarl up traffic and play havoc with bus routes all day. Sadly, I succumbed to temptation and let work slide in favour of finishing up those four Wordscraper games (lost all of them, unfortunately). The work still has to be done, so that will keep me busy tonight and tomorrow night.

The LJ defriending was rescinded late in the afternoon (I'm still persona non grata on Facebook), leaving me feeling a bit like a yo-yo. Then, to top things off, there was a strong enough earthquake somewhere that I felt/heard it here at my desk. Will have to watch the news later tonight to find out the precise location.

And everyone and his brother seems to be talking about Dreamwidth today. I'm staying put right where I am on LJ and just hoping that people going over there will cross-post.

*goes off to start doing neglected work*

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