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Thoughts on Facebook

About five weeks ago I finally created a Facebook account and mentioned the fact in an LJ post. A few people from here friended me over there. So far so good, right? Well, as I've tried to use it a little I've become increasingly frustrated. It's just not user-friendly. I'm putting in twelve-hour days at the office; with travel time included that number goes up to almost fifteen hours. Set aside six hours for sleep, and that leaves me (Monday - Friday) three hours in the evening to do everything else that has to be done. The last thing I want to do is try to pick my way through Facebook and try to figure it out by trial and error. Would it really have been that difficult for them to put up a basic information page -- something like LJ's FAQs? I know that I can find out how to do anything I want to do on LJ by just going there, but with Facebook I can't even see how to reply to a comment (assuming that's something that can be done). I was going to say all this over there, and started to type it in that "What's on your mind?" box, but there seems to be (I think) a character limit, because after two lines it wouldn't let me type any more. So, since with one exception everyone who'd read what I had to say over there will see it here, I might as well just vent here where I know how things work. Btw, that's also why there won't be individual replies to any comments on that BBC and Books post.

So, for the people who are active on both LJ and Facebook, I guess I'll just see the LJ news and let the rest of it go. Same thing for any Twitterers in the audience.

Now, just to show you I'm not completely mired in the dark ages of communication, I'll give you my last thoughts in the form of a Twitter tweet:

00:06: Past midnight. Going to bed. Five a.m. comes early.

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