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Encore, merci!

foudebassan and french_hobbit, I got mail from both of you on Saturday. Thanks so much!

Fou, the novel looks terrific, and it's by an author who's new to me, which is always a treat. The first mystery to be solved, though, is the author's name; she can't possibly have been christened "Fred", can she? Perhaps it's short for Frederica (as in von Stade)? The second mystery will be much more easily solved. What's the first letter of the first word of your new town? Is it a "W"? An "N"? I tried to guess while I was nibbling on that very nice chocolate 5p piece, but I couldn't make up my mind.

Rosie, you didn't say whether you'd received the little package I sent you (you should have gotten it before the card). Jem's parcel seems to have gone astray; I hope the same thing didn't happen to yours. *thinks dark thoughts about the efficiency of La Poste in Lyon*

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