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Office Move, Part 1

I have the feeling this will be the first of a series of posts about my department's upcoming move to another building three blocks away.

I am so not a happy camper today.  Yesterday afternoon I finally had a chance to go over to the new building and see our space.  Now I'm sitting at my desk, looking around my office (with the door closed and the dueSouth soundtrack on my small stereo) trying to picture moving into a cubicle less than one quarter the size of my office.  With storage space limited to two built-in file drawers (as opposed to the two built-in file drawers, three built-in overhead storage units, a freestanding two-drawer file cabinet, and a five-shelf bookcase which I currently use).  The cubicle walls are low; when people are sitting down their heads are visible above the cubicle walls.  All the things I've brought in to personalize my office (a framed poster, a wall calendar, a pair of geode bookends, the stereo, desk "toys", etc.) will have to be taken home because there's going to be no place for them there.  My small potted plant has to go home as well; plants aren't "allowed" in the new place.  It's all going to be very sterile and very unified-corporate design over there.

Now I have to start throwing things out and/or deciding what has to go into storage.

Moving day is a week from tomorrow.

Since I need something to brighten up my day, here's another icon by alinewrites.  </span>

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