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Ready or not, the airport shuttle van comes to pick me up at 5:15 tomorrow morning, and a few hours later I'll be on a plane first to Newark, New Jersey, and then, after a layover and a plane change, en route to Edinburgh. After that it's a two-hour train ride, and I'll finally fetch up on Tavi's doorstep. There is castle-visiting planned, and Nessie-hunting out on the loch. (I told them at work that if I spot her and get a good photo, I'm resigning immediately. Otherwise, I'm back home on July 26th, and back to the office on the 28th.)

Fou, the Domi and Nico dolls are going with me to meet their British cousins. Nico is particularly interested in a comparison with his clone, as he feels you may have shortchanged him just a bit. And I'm not talking about the pins. ;-)

If you'd like a postcard, please email your address to aswanargent@gmail.com. It's possible that my snail mail address list will turn up before I leave, but it's just as likely it won't. And babycakesin, I never did get an Edmonton mailing address for you. :-(

Any tennis fans out there? Anyone watch the Federer-Nadal Wimbledon men's final? Anyone else an emotional wreck when it was over?

Silvio Lappy isn't coming to Scotland with me, but I'll have internet access and will try to start getting caught up on my flist. I make no promises about posts, though, because there'll be other things occupying my time. See what I mean?


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