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*sigh* I've almost forgotten what it's like to post something other than birthday wishes, but I'm determined to ease myself back into the swing of things. And once I remember all the passwords for my political RPG journals, maybe I can get those guys up and running (and talking, at least to each other) again. ;-)

First, though, I want to give very belated public thanks to everyone who helped make my birthday so special. Whether it was LJ wishes and v-gifts, e-cards, or real cards and gifts from the ends of the earth (Arizona (pending, lol), Colorado, New York, Scotland, France, South Africa), you all touched my heart and made me feel loved. And that's the best birthday present of all. :-)

foudebassan, I don't think I've thanked you yet for your package. The cocoa-dusted chocolate-covered almonds are, alas, only a fond memory now, but your needlework is tucked away safely.

And cisne_do_norte asks me to thank a certain someone for the rose, and to tell him "Je pense à toi, aussi."
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