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Wrapping up 2007 (films)

Listed behind the cut are the films I saw at the cinema in 2007.  There's one bit of pure silliness (which I knew it would be going in), and one film that I absolutely loathed.  Apart from the latter, everything was more or less of the good, and some films far exceeded that.  :-)

   1.  28 Weeks Later
   2.  After the Wedding  (Dutch)
   3.  Babel
   4.  Beyond the Gates
   5.  Blades of Glory
   6.  Breach
   7.  Breaking and Entering
   8.  Children of Men
   9.  Curse of the Golden Flower  (Chinese)
 10.  Dan in Real Life
 11.  Day Watch  (Russian)
 12.  Days of Glory  (French; Indigènes)
 13.  Deep Water
 14.  Election  (Chinese)
 15.  Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
 16.  Lady Chatterley  (French)
 17.  Michael Clayton
 18.  My Best Friend  (French)
 19.  Notes on a Scandal
 20.  Pan's Labyrinth  (Spanish)
 21.  Perfume
 22.  Pirates of the Caribbean 3
 23.  Ratatouille
 24.  Red Road
 25.  Sunshine
 26.  The Bourne Ultimatum
 27.  The Golden Compass
 28.  The Good Shepherd
 29.  The Lives of Others  (German)
 30.  The Lookout
 31.  The Namesake
 32.  The Orphanage  (Spanish)
 33.  The Painted Veil
 34.  The Queen
 35.  The Wind That Shakes the Barley
 36.  Them  (French)
 37.  Triad Election  (Chinese)
 38.  Zodiac


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