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Wrapping up 2007 (books)

 Well, I didn't manage fifty books last year, but here's what I did read...


  1.  Noel, Katharine.  Halfway House.  
  2.  Nicholson, Joel.  Bleeding London.
  3.  McCrea, Barry.  The First Verse.
  4.  Eriksonn, Kjell.  The Princess of Burundi.
  5.  Orwell, George.  Burmese Days.
  6.  Isherwood, Christopher.  A Single Man.
  7.  Beattie, Ann.  Follies.
  8.  Rankin, Ian.  The Naming of the Dead.
  9.  Rowling, J.K.  Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
10.  Fielding, Helen.  Bridget Jones's Diary.
11.  Crowther, Yasmin.  The Saffron Kitchen.
12.  Amis, Martin.  House of Meetings.
13.  Rendell, Ruth.  End in Tears.
14.  Hambly, Barbara.  Renfield:  Slave of Dracula.
15.  Berne, Suzanne.  The Ghost at the Table.
16.  Campbell, Rebecca.  The Marriage Diaries.
17.  Eugenides, Jeffrey.  The Virgin Suicides.
18.  Le Carré, John.  The Mission Song.
19.  Muir, Kate.  Left Bank.
20.  Rowling, J.K.  Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.
21.  Rowling, J.K.  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
22.  Jelinek, Elfriede.  The Piano Teacher.
23.  George, Elizabeth.  What Came Before He Shot Her.
24.  McEwan, Ian.  Atonement.
25.  Edwards, Kim.  The Memory Keeper's Daughter.
26.  Atwood, Margaret.  Bodily Harm.
27.  Kostova, Elizabeth.  The Historian.
28.  Fossum, Karin.  He Who Fears the Wolf.
29.  Lively, Penelope.  The Photograph.
30.  Blythe, Carolita.  The Cricket's Serenade.
31.  Pullman, Philip.  The Golden Compass:  His Dark Materials Book I
32.  Highsmith, Patricia.  The Blunderer.

Non-Fiction / Memoirs:

   1.  Ali, Ayaan Hirsi.  Infidel.
   2.  Mayles, Peter.  A Year in Provence.
   3.  Jamison, Kay Redfield.  An Unquiet Mind.
   4.  Turow, Scott.  One L.  (Reread)
   5.  Sarton, May.  Plant Dreaming Deep.  (Reread)
   6.  Klinkenborg, Verlyn.  The Rural Life.


Jan. 22nd, 2008 01:47 am (UTC)
I'm glad to hear the gift finally arrived! Most of the things I sent abroad arrived by Christmas, but there were definitely one or two stragglers.

What you might do is just take all the loose change out of your wallet/purse once a week and put it in the bank. Do that for a whole year, and you'll be surprised how much "extra" money you'll end up with. I did it last year, and had almost $300.00!

I have a long commute (2.5 - 3 hours in total each day), and since I take a commuter bus instead of driving, I use the travel time to read. If not for that, my list of books would be much shorter.