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Belated birthday wishes

I need 2008 to slow down so I can catch up. I still haven't managed a Christmas "thank-you" post (it will be coming), and I didn't even have a "Happy New Year" icon this year, let alone do a New Year's post. And we won't even mention the 2007 50-book challenge right now...

But all that can wait. I missed the first birthday of the year, and that needs correcting before anything else. So, greedy_dancer, Desi (*points to icon*) and I just want to say



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Jan. 7th, 2008 11:34 pm (UTC)
Oh thank you Karen!! I got your lovely Christmas package when I came back from my parents', thank you so much! the gloves are pretty much perfect, they were on my Xmas list and I couldn't find any that I liked, but these are just awesome! *hugs* I hope this year brings you everything you desire and everything you deserve!
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