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The Golden Compass

So, where are all the moviegoers on my flist?  There hasn't been a peep out of anyone about The Golden Compass since it opened on Dec. 7th, and that surprises me.  It seemed the sort of film that would spark interest and anticipation, and I was looking forward to hearing what people had to say.

I went to see the film yesterday afternoon.  Loved it.  They've done an excellent job of translating the novel to the screen; the changes that were made are intelligent ones, and take nothing away from the story.  The armoured bears and the daemons (especially the childrens' shape-shifting ones) are quite wonderful, and the film is stunning to look at.  And Mrs. Coulter's golden monkey daemon is as creepy in the film as he is in the book.  Go see the film before you die of holiday exhaustion!

A slight quibble.  Ian McKellan does the voice of the armoured bear Iorek Byrnison, and there's one scene late in the film that may have some of you thinking about Gandalf's battle with the Balrog on that narrow stone bridge in the Mines of Moria.  It's all of it put together: the voice, the line of dialogue, and the action.  It had to be deliberate, but I'm not sure it was wise, because I thought it broke the spell (just for a moment, but still) that Compass has cast over you.


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