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This is just perfect

The good folks over at linguaphiles always have interesting things to say, but I've just seen a post and comments that definitely need to have a wider audience. The subject was the introduction of a new Israeli verb: lecondel; in Hebrew "to Condel", as in "to Condoleeza". The meaning being to come and go for meetings that produce few results. It was the opinion of most people who commented that this verb should be assimilated forthwith by every language.

As if this weren't charming enough, sparkofcreation mentioned the new Argentinian verb plutonizar. The entire comment reads as follows:

There is a new verb in Argentina, plutonizar, "to Pluto-ize." It means that something outwardly is just the same as it always was, but the power and status has been pulled out from under it, like when they decided Pluto was no longer a planet. So for example, a headline might say En las elecciones de EE UU en el 2006, el Presidente Bush fue plutonizado. ("In the 2006 US elections, President Bush was Pluto-ized" ... because he's the same as he always was, but with the Republicans' lost of control in both houses, he has a lot less power, see?)

You can find the post and comments here: http://community.livejournal.com/linguaphiles/3578884.html