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"No Reservations"

It turns out that the new Catherine Zeta-Jones/Aaron Eckhart film No Reservations, scheduled to be released later this month, is a remake of a German flim called Bella Martha (English title Mostly Martha).  I know this because I saw the DVD of the German film yesterday at the library, thought the cover art looked awfully familiar to what I've been seeing for No Reservations, and decided to take it out and watch it (which I did last night).  I enjoyed the movie very much, which means I'll probably stay away from the American version.  I wish this weren't the case, but I've yet to see an American remake improve on the foreign original, and this includes last year's Oscar-winning remake of the Chinese Infernal Affairs.  The No Reservations trailer is a case in point.  All except one incident is lifted straight out of Bella Martha, without even changing the dialogue; the one incident that is a little different takes an exchange between two characters that had some emotional resonance in the German film and and makes a joke of it in the American version. 

I don't think Bella Martha had a U.S. release, so it will be interesting to see if the reviews of No Reservations even mention that it's a remake.