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Reading and other matters

Latest book read for 50bookchallenge was House of Meetings by Martin Amis. The novel was reviewed well, but I found it an unpleasant story filled with unpleasant and tedious characters, not the least of whom was the narrator. I was very happy to finish the book and take it back to the library. I'm now cleansing my palate with a nice Inspector Wexford mystery by Ruth Rendell.

If I'm not much in evidence the next couple of weeks, it's because my laptop had to go to hospital (the diagnosis seems to be a faulty wireless card), and until I get it back I'm limited to sneaking peeks at LJ via my work computer. So comments will have to wait, as will RPG posts from George and others about the G8 summit which starts on Wednesday. I can only hope that George doesn't decide to give impromptu shoulder rubs again this year!

Fou, I can't access my Gmail account at work. Will you comment, please, and give me that dwarf-discussion link again. ;-)

Should be an interesting G8 for Angie. Abe has suicidal Cabinet ministers, Putin refuses to extradite the man the British are accusing of Litvinenko's murder (last autumn's polonium poisoning case in London), Bush is being accused of trying to sabotage the G8 discussions on climate control by proposing a whole new set of talks, to take place ... vaguely ... sometime next year, Tony Blair was quoted as saying he'll probably be clinging to the doorknocker when he actually quits office in three weeks (Gordon Brown must have loved hearing that), and then there's the new French president, who seems to be on his way to seeing his party have a huge win in this month's legislative elections. He just has that G8 group photo to worry about....



Jun. 5th, 2007 01:13 pm (UTC)
me's beginning to think life was better before computers.
Jun. 5th, 2007 08:43 pm (UTC)
Oh, no, don't say that!

Btw, I did think to forward your e-mail to the work account when I was at the library on Sunday (didn't think to do the same with Fou's, though), so I'll reply later this afternoon and send you the snail mail addy and phone numbers.