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Books, films, and television

Not much to say, or that I can say.

My latest book was Yasmin Crowther's novel The Saffron Kitchen. It was a good story, and you'll find a brief synopsis here if you're interested: http://community.livejournal.com/50bookchallenge/7771164.html

The last film seen was 28 Weeks Later, which I won't talk about since I know some people on my flist are still waiting for it to open where they live.

I was going to say something about last night's Lost season finale, but it doesn't seem worth it. The instant gratification crowd is, as usual, annoyed with the writers for their tricks, and annoyed that all the mysteries haven't been explained, and annoyed that the producers plan to take 48 more episodes spread over three years to get to the end of the journey. Frankly, none of that bothers me, and I'll still take Lost over some of the other stuff that passes for "must-see" television these days. For anyone who did happen to catch the finale, though, do you remember that off-island scene between Jack and the black doctor, and the reference to Jack's father? Considering the timeline, wasn't that interesting....