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Television and Music news

Just a couple of quick thoughts this morning ...

Last night's Charlie-centric episode of Lost was a good one. And next week we revisit Sawyer's backstory, plus what TV Guide calls "a search for redemption on the island". Btw, did you notice how cozy Sayid and Shannon were getting during that panning shot in the cave?

I'm not sure whether or not I'll make it to the end of the Bartlett administration. The West Wing is starting to feel a little tired; I particularly notice it in the episodes where Josh is absent. The second-string team is on the field now, and I just don't see any sparks.

I didn't think I'd miss Serena Sutherland on Law & Order, but I do. Jack's latest assistant does nothing for me. And, really, did they have to call her Alexandra? The franchise already has an ADA named Alexandra (Cabot -- on SVU -- currently in the witness protection program, but scheduled to make some appearances this season).


LJ is broadening my horizons. For proof of this, just note the fact that I found myself reading a little article about Peter Doherty in the Arts section of today's New York Times. Seems PD finally made bail and is determined to kick his heroin habit "for the sake of his relationship with the model Kate Moss, his band mates, his mother and his fans". I wonder how his mother feels about only coming in third on the list. I've still not heard music by either his former or current band; if I were curious, anyone want to make a suggestion about a good place to start? (C, this means you.)

I did pick up a new CD the other day -- the debut album recorded by Tim Buckley (Jeff's dad) in 1969. I can't seem to stop playing it. His voice at 19 was just amazing.

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