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Financial Times article

Today's Financial Times had a lengthy analytical piece on French president-elect Sarkozy. I meant to just post a link to the newspaper here, and put the actual article behind a cut in the sarko_le_grand lj. Unfortunately, when I tested the link, it didn't let you see the whole article unless you're a Financial Times subscriber.

So ... here's the link to the post instead: http://sarko-le-grand.livejournal.com/5026.html. The Sarkozy-haters on my flist should know the article isn't entirely flattering; there are things that will probably make you laugh. On the other hand, the sole (so far as I know) French supporter of Sarkozy has the last laugh, because whether or not he's ungainly, and whether or not his marriage is in trouble, at the end of the day he's still going to be the one in the Elysée.

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