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Happiness is ...

... receiving a letter from the IRS telling you that they looked over your tax return and found that you'd failed to claim your $3,300 exemption credit, so they recalculated the amount you owed and will be increasing your refund check by $800! *throws confetti*


May. 18th, 2007 04:20 pm (UTC)
*sigh* Well, I'd been doing nothing but character posts and comments, and I thought I should take a break and do something practical, like going through the piles of newspapers sitting around on the living room floor. So I stumbled across this article and started to read.... Actually, I have to blame myself; the minute I saw the phrase "ex-professor", I should have stopped. But I went on, and was punished by learning what I assume is the biggest thing involving Snape that occurs in Book 6. I take some consolation, though, in still not knowing the meaning of the book's title....