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There's been a change at worldaffairs

The character of Angela Merkel (iam_angelam) is now being played by foudebassan. Dubya has been poking me with a stick, wanting to really get into the game so that he can bid a teary farewell to his pal Landslide (aka Tony Blair), and perhaps console himself with groping Angie again this year at the G8. With two presidents and a billionaire ex-PM all demanding my undivided attention, something had to give, and so quiet and hardworking Angie has been sent off to a very good home, as any of you who've been reading the marie_sego lj can attest. Somehow I think Angie is going to have a lot more to say going forward, and George, if he knows what's good for him, might try his "You look tense; let me rub your shoulders for you" pickup line on someone else this year. ;-)
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