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Today it's messages for people in France

Four months ago I didn't know a soul outside the U.S. apart from one friend who's on a three-year work assignment in Luxembourg.  Today, all because of the internet and this LJ, I have friends in England, Ireland, Australia, and France.  Of course for people who don't remember life before computers, this is all routine, but I'll date myself by saying that when I began my banking career back in 1973, there were no PCs in the office, and people still used carbon paper to make copies of letters (yes, that's where "cc" came from).  So I'm in a position to appreciate how fast the world has changed, and what an exhilirating ride it's been. 

I've already had one conversation today with crazybutsound, who a week ago came over to flaunt her new Oz DVDs in the LJ where I was reading, and who wound up going home with a new friend.  And yes, she's another of those perfectly-fluent-in-colloquial-English French women who you wouldn't even know are French unless they tell you or you hear an accent when they speak.  *sighs and thinks she'd better go home tonight and study a chapter of French grammar instead of watching Oz episodes*

But I said I had messages.  And I do.

First, I need to thank alinewrites for the card she sent and the message on the back.

Huge thanks are due to morgared , who surprised me on Friday with a book of panoramic photographs of her hometown of Annecy and its beautiful lake.  I'm going to have to start planning an itinerary for an imaginary trip to France, and this will definitely have to be one of the stops.  Anne, I'll try to write you a proper thank you in my fractured French in a day or so.  Look for a card in the post.

Finally, castalie has been talking about the new television series Numb3rs, so I watched the episode Friday night.  Unfortunately, it did nothing for me (like Carnivàle did nothing for her).  There wasn't nearly enough math, and the whole idea of identifying a Patient Zero (or in this case Suspect Zero) is hardly cutting edge.  And the show didn't have enough exterior scenes to really demonstrate that it was taking place in Los Angeles.  The one thing that did have me sit up and take notice, though, was J.K. Simmons.  Of course, with all the focus on Oz at the moment, all I could think of every time he was onscreen was "Oh, Vern Schillinger in a bowtie and lab coat".  Just a little distracting, as you can probably imagine *lol*. 

So, merci à tout le monde et bonne nuit.  Back tomorrow.


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