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Just curious, because I don't talk about films very often.

(1) Did anyone reading this see 28 Days Later?

(2) Did you like it?

(3) Are you going to see the sequel?

(4) Did anyone reading this see Intacto?

(5) Did you like it?

Now, I like films and see a lot of them, but I don't pay a great deal of attention to industry buzz, and I don't typically read any film magazines, even the serious ones. So it was a pleasant surprise to read a newspaper article the other day and learn that the man who had directed the Spanish thriller Intacto was the director of 28 Weeks Later. Anyway, it just gives me an extra reason to hope 28 Weeks Later does well and that it won't be swamped by the competition, opening as it does a week after the third Spiderman film, and two weeks before the third appearance of Captain Jack Sparrow.


May. 2nd, 2007 09:19 am (UTC)
I've seen both films, yes. I didn't like 28 Days Later all that much the first time I saw it. I couldn't believe it, there were too many things in it (especially at the beginning) that felt like they were showing off technical skills or whatever you want to call them (I'm thinking of the deserted London scenes, which were impressive in a way but weren't logical given the context of the story). Another thing I didn't like about it was the ending. I felt that it was too much of a compromise and that the movie failed to go all the way into horror. I did see it again with my brother a couple of years later and was able to focus on the characters more, which made it a lot more enjoyable. It's not a bad film at all, but I'm not sure I'd initially want to see a sequel.

I LOVE Intacto, though. I loved the story but mostly, I loved the characters and the interpretations. Amazing acting all around and great directing. So knowing it's the same director who worked on 28 weeks later is giving me more reasons to have an interest in it. I may watch it after all, if/when it comes out here.
May. 8th, 2007 04:53 am (UTC)
Do you remember which ending you saw? <1>28 Days Later</i> as it was first released had a somewhat hopeful ending, but by the time I saw the film word of an alternate, bleaker ending had gotten out, and that ending was added to later prints of the film. So it played with the standard ending and the end credits ran, and then there was something like a "But what if..." and then the alternate ending ran.

*sigh* Spiderman 3 got bad reviews, some of them pre-release, but it still opened huge. That'll mean fewer theatres for 28 Weeks Later.