Karen (aswanargent) wrote,


Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday. They definitely brightened up a dreary (literally; no sun seen at all) day. :-)

rosybug, your card came a few days ago. So pretty!

And thanks to tracy_rowan for giving me zero-calorie birthday cake (in the form of a picture of a cake that looks absolutely delicious....)

Thanks also to catheights for the birthday balloons, and to maverick4oz for the little tree. *loves*

And from my sister lark_about, who managed to get to London even though I couldn't, I had a birthday card with a raccoon sticking out its tongue and and a verse along the lines of "I'll always be younger than you". *sigh* This is true, but in response I simply say "older and wiser". LOL

Thanks as well to Tavi and Fou (realtime greetings via MSN), and to Dominique, who somehow managed to make it at least partially about him. *rolls eyes*

*blows kisses to flist*


ETA: LOL! I've confused Google. Click on the "location" link and see what happens.

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