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This is starting out to be a terrible year

We're barely eight weeks into the year, and there have already been three deaths reported on my flist.  First it was magickslash (Cherie), just a few weeks after I'd sat having dinner with her when she and desert_rifka visited Los Angeles in December.  Then it was dargie's mother.  And today, my sister's birthday, came the news that luvmax1's mother, like Cherie, had lost her battle with cancer.  And I know there are others out there involved in their own battles.

I think it may be a good thing that work's going to keep me too busy to be much of a presence here for the next week.; I'm afraid of what I might see next.  :-(


LOL .  Something else that happened when my back was turned this weekend.  I was defriended by someone.  *shrugs*  Oh, well.

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