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I think there might be one or two people on my flist who are still watching Lost.  If not, I'll just talk to myself.

I had to tape Wednesday's episode, and only watched it last night.  Best. Episode. Ever. as far as I'm concerned.  Best backstory (although nothing compares to Hurley's backstory for humour). I'm in serious need now of a Desmond icon.

Time travel finally gets talked about a lot (Ciara, I've been waiting and waiting for this).  And for those of you who did watch the episode, what did you think of that final conversation between Desmond and Lostie Who Shall Remain Nameless to Avoid Spoilers?  I think the writers have come up with another way to torture us.  And who on earth was the woman in the shop, and how does she know what she knows?  I'd like to say more, but I can't.

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