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For the Heroes fans on my flist

I just got off the phone with my sister (lark_about), who was calling from the Richard Riordan Central Library in downtown Los Angeles.  She contributes to the library, and one of the perks of her particular sponsorship level is invitations to the Gregory Peck Reading Series, in which actors give literary readings in front of this somewhat select group.  Tonight's featured readers are two of the cast members from Heroes:  Adrian Pasdar, whom she told me to identify as "the flying Petrelli brother", and Greg Grunberg, aka "the mindreading cop".  She promises an LJ post about the evening in the next day or so.  Probably no pictures, unfortunately, as she didn't bring her camera, and she said pictures taken with her phone probably wouldn't be very good.

I don't watch the show, and have only heard of Hiro and the cheerleader, so I may be slightly underwhelmed by all this. But I thought some of you might like to know about it. Go check out her lj when you have a chance. :-)


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