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RPG Post: Important - Please read

This post is for the people who are involved in worldaffairs or intl_relations.

Maybe I'm being paranoid, but I think we should friends-lock these two communities as well as all the character ljs. I've been reading in the rp_discuss community, and there have been a couple of posts about the LJ Administrators deleting, without any advance warning, character ljs in a celebrity roleplaying community. Apparently "impersonation" of actual people is a violation of LJ's Terms of Service, and having disclaimers on the community or individual ljs is no protection or defense. (Neither is being unaware of what the TOS says.)

Granted, most of our characters are foreign leaders and so not likely to raise red flags with anyone, but George is a different story. And we've already seen what happened to speaker_pelosi. Once an lj is gone, there's no getting the posts or comments back; it would make me sick to see to see all of dominiquelechic's or vlad_impaler's work lost.

Let's talk about this, either here or outside LJ.
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