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RPG announcement

Just a heads up to anyone who's interested that ljs for George W. Bush (fratboydoesgood) and Nicolas Sarkozy (sarko_le_grand) are now live.  The user info pages and maiden posts should be finished sometime this weekend.  The ljs are set up for participation in the political RPG community worldaffairs; posts will find their subject matter in RL events, but will be presented from a slightly skewed point of view.  The aim is satire, not serious discussion.  Also, slashy innuendos might occur from time to time (though I hardly think George will be involved in any way), so if that bothers you, be warned.

I already know how some of you feel about the community, so there's no need to repeat your objections this time around.  ;-)

A lot of players and characters have gone MIA over the last year (including the original Sarkozy), so if you think you might like to pick up a character and join us, please don't feel shy.

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