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Weekend plans

This is how the next few days are shaping up:  Stay home Saturday and Sunday for an Oz Seasons 1-3 marathon.  Maybe go out one of the days for a little light relief in the form of the new movie The Sea Inside (Spanish film -- Best Foreign Language Oscar nominee -- tells the true story of a Spanish writer/quadriplegic who fought 30 years for the right to end his life; he was ultimately successful and committed suicide on live television).  Stock up on Kleenex in anticipation of new Oz episodes.  Work Monday and Tuesday with an "Enter at your own risk" sign on my soon-to-be-lost office door.  Pick up the Oz Season 4 DVDs after work on Tuesday; start watching them after SVU; repeat nightly for as long as it takes to go through the whole season.  Weep copiously.  Consider various forms of treatment for the withdrawal symptoms.  Start waiting for the release of Season 5.

Updates to follow. 


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