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Do you know how hard it is to locate a particular post in a community that averages over 150 posts a day?  Trust me, you don't want to find out.

This is by way of telling you that the posts I make in 50bookchallenge are also going to show up here.  Maybe the knowledge that people who actually know me are looking over my shoulder and tracking my reading progress will get me to leave the laptop in its case occasionally and pull out a book to read during the daily commute home instead.  So ... my January 9th 50bc post is here:

1 down, 49 to go

In my pre-laptop days (before June 2006) I used to spend 15 hours a week on the commuter bus reading books, and while I'm not prepared to go cold turkey and leave the laptop at home, I think I should get back into the habit of reading again by spending at least part of the commute each day doing something other than lj.  And along with the resolution to get back to reading books, I'm going to try to visit the library more, and my local Barnes & Noble less. 

So ... the first book read in 2007 came from the library, and went back there again.  The book was
Halfway House, by Katharine Noel.  It's a first novel that tells the story of a high school swimmer who suffers a mental breakdown, and the effect this has on her parents and younger brother.  The book started out well, but didn't quite live up to its early promise.  Still, not a bad way to start the year.


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