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Birthday wishes

alinewrites is having a birthday today!

Hope it's a very happy one, and that you're celebrating in style, wherever you are.  (The correct response to this is not "I'm in the kitchen, cooking," lol.)  Truly, rest and relax, and let the family wait on you for a change.  It's your day, and you deserve it!



Jan. 7th, 2007 03:54 pm (UTC)
She told me that, yeah, lol. It'll still be Xmas when she gets there, then, so that's nice.

I'm good. Tired but no longer sick so that's good. :-) I'm sad Aline's gone again and I only got to see her once. Also, she said she might not come back any time soon which waaaaaah! Makes me unhappy. *pouts*